5 Amazing Things To Do In Turkey

Turkey is one of the most visited countries around the World. From cobblestone streets to sunny beaches, it has it all. Moreover, each city of Turkey has a completely different vibe from another. It offers such a diverse range of activities for every type of traveler. Weather you are backpacking around this country or on a luxury holiday with family; You are bound to find things that you will fall in love with. Therefore, the day I decided to become a blogger, the first topic that I knew I would write about would be about this beautiful place that I fell in love with over our honeymoon. Hence, here comes the list of my top favorite amazing things to do in Turkey.

I remember the reason we chose it as our honeymoon destination was because we have heard of its romantic old world charm which is absolutely true! But one thing that we discovered after our visit was that it was immensely ADVENTUROUS too!

Each city of Turkey offered something extremely exciting and full of escapades. When planning for our honeymoon we pinned places like Hagia Sophia, Topkapi palace and Blue mosque to visit. If I be honest, we ended up doing the complete opposite activities which I am going to share through this post!

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Things to do in Turkey: Hot air balloon!

One of the most mesmerizing and amazing things to do in Turkey- Hot air balloon!

The land of fairy chimneys!

It is just an hour and a half flight away from Istanbul. So if you are in Istanbul, you CANNOT afford to miss this experience. You just have to plan your flight in a way that you reach at night, so you could sleep in. And wake up to the sky full if colorful balloons at the dawn. Therefore, it makes it to the top of my most “amazing things to do in Turkey” list. What a sight!

Tip: A day or two is enough (especially if you are on budget or have less travel days).


Things to do in Turkey: Snowmobile

Snowmobile was so much fun and amazing thing to do in all of Turkey!

Oh what an amazing thing to do in Turkey, which very few people know about! I am glad that we went in winters. Hence, we got to see this pleasing city covered with snow and a lot of other fun activities to do along with this one! To top that, it was a day tour from Istanbul so we did not have to pack for it or take flights.

Tip: Don`t pre book this tour. There is a lot that you can bargain on these tours once you are there.


Thing to do: Paragliding!

Paragliding in Fethiye! By far, the most adventurous thing to do in Turkey in winters!

It felt as stupendous as it looks! Fethiye is a 3-hour bus ride from antalya. It is such an eye-soothing place to be. We booked our tour through wanderlustturkey.com while we were in Antalya. There are a lot of other companies too who offered paragliding, jet skiing, parasailing and other water-sports activities.

Tip: Check the weather conditions before hand, as they do not offer (or cancel) services if the weather is not suitable.


Thing to do: Riding on a horse carriage around the island, dreamy eh?

You can`t miss Princess Island when you are in Turkey! We did really find it one of the most amazing ting to do while we were visiting!

If one had but a single glance to give the world, One should gaze on Istanbul.

Alphone de Lamartine

IS-TAAANN-BUL!! Even the name itself is SO magical! This island was another day tour that we took from Istanbul. This place had a royal feeling. Felt like a different era. You can also rent a bicycle to explore around this beautiful place. Hence, you must book an entire day of your itinerary for this particular one of the most amazing things to do in turkey.

Tip: You don`t really need to book expensive day tour via any travel agent, which we did and regretted later! There are plenty of cheaper ways to travel to and around this island. If you want a detailed guide on that, you can comment me and I will be glad to help you!


One of the most amazing things to do in Turkey: Visit Aspendos

Aspendos! An incredible view just to look at and one of the most amazing things to do in your list while you are in Turkey!

Talk about preservation: Home to an International Opera and Ballet Festival, it is reported that Aspendos’ was built in 1000 BC. This breathtaking Roman Theater has a spellbinding height of 315 feet and capacity of 15,000 people. You surely don`t want to miss this amazing thing to do in Turkey.

It surely did leave us in an awe!

Tip: Just enjoy the view.

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