8 Ways To Decorate Living Room With Indoor Plants

Green- it is the most restful color to the human eye and no wonder I can`t seem to get enough of it! Every time I enter a new space, my eyes gravitate towards anything GREEN! I feel it has a mind soothing and soul calming effect. Therefore, the best way to decorate your living room is with indoor plants.

Recently, I learned so many unique yet easy ways to add some green in your daily life with these amazing low maintenance indoor plants which are impossible to kill, keeps the air clean and makes your home look fresh and vibrant!

Here are some useful tips and tricks on how to decorate your living room with plants and brighten it up:

1. Next to your reading chair

Just when you are having a ‘ME’ time, reading a book or browsing on internet, relax yourself a bit more by adding a big pot of green just right beside you!

2. On your coffee table

Add some color and spice to your coffee table by throwing some branches on a pot or basket and put it on your coffee table.

3. Hanging plants

Drape down your plants from the roof to give your living room a visual height!

4. Hanging Macrame Plants

These unique DIY technique will give your living room a boho look. You can play with it as you like and even paint it with different colors

5. Decorate your living room with a plant corner

You may want to give your living room an oxygen boost by having a whole plant corner in there. Get yourself pots of different colors and sizes and try to play with it however you like.

6. Window plants

Make your favorite spot by putting your favorite plants by the window to combine some greenery with sunlight. Just the right combination to rejuvenate yourself while sipping some morning coffee!

7. Plant`s shelf

If you are a mere plant lover like me, you would love this idea! You can mix and match plant pots with books and other decor pieces too.

8. Ceramic wall planters

Make your living room`s wall pop by these amazing planters! Use your wall as a canvas only to paint it with them plants.

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