Top 9 Places To Visit In Italy

Italy is full of amazing and beautiful places to explore. It is a cinematic feast. It is so diverse in its beauty and spots to visit, from islands, to small towns to big metropolitan cities, it has it all! Hence, I have curated this article for you guys of top 9 places to visit in Italy. Since, we have been to Italy a couple of times, a personal tip is that, do not try to experience it all in one go. Take a breath, enjoy one part at a time and come back to explore the next!

1. Positano

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Have you ever been to a place that has left a lifelong impression on your mind? Positano is that one for me! It is like a dream. Italy is one of the most picturesque spot in the whole world, making it to the top 15 places to visit in Italy. Moreover, It is named after Poseidon, God of the sea. This coastal village has to offer something to all kinds of tourists; You can just relax at the main beach known as Spiaggia Grande or take a hike onto a trail called Sentiero Degli Dei. Surprisingly, there is also a cave to explore in the nearby region called Emerald Grotto. Day trips to Capri and Sorrento is also one of the most favorite excursions of tourists hitting this place. Nonetheless, it sure does bite deep.

2. Florence

Fancy a romantic getaway? Florence might just be the place for you. It`s architecture has a unique gripping charm which will leave you mesmerized. It is an art lovers paradise, which is crafted to perfection.

Italy is filled with beautiful churches, museums and unique buildings covered by red roofs which is mesmerizing just to look at. There is so much history and art related to this Cradle of Renaissance, that you may find yourself delighted by every corner of this small medieval city.

3. Cinque Terre

This treasure chest is composed of 5 colorful towns. Each one of which looks like a timeless painting. It is very easy to get to via La Spezia Railway junction. You may either hike between towns or take small train rides. Try to spend a night at one of the glorious town and embrace the beauty of it.

Personal Advice: Don`t miss the sunset at Vernazza and Sunrise at Rioggamore.

4. Venice

There is no doubt that Venice is on everyone’s list of most beautiful places in Italy because there’s just nothing like it. The network of canals and palaces make for the prettiest photos and being there always feels dreamy and magical, like you’ve stepped into another world. For the best experience, stay away from San Marco’s Square and stick to the back streets, alleys and small canals. This is where you’ll find the best shops and restaurants and gelato stores.

The floating city; Venice, is known for its bridges, canals, palaces and houses built on water. I have been here twice but could not get enough of it, there is something so intriguing about this city. This city of canals is as beautiful at night as it is in sunlight. At night the whole city lights up, serving it massive grandeur.

Quick tip: Apart from enjoying the main locations, do go to the back streets, alleys and canals to have more of an authentic experience and avoiding the crowd.

5. Pisa

It took 344 years to construct this medieval engineering miracle. It is one of the most famous spots among tourists in all Europe, especially for them innovative pictures. Hence, it makes up at the top 9 places to visit in Italy list.

Tip: If you are staying in Florence, Pisa is only 1.5 hr long train ride away. Hence, you don`t need to book your hotel in this town.

6. Alberobello

Magical! This place is one of my favorite in all Europe. It is a Greek-Italian medley. A limestone masterpiece as my husband would call it. The white washed buildings with limestone dwellings are known as Trulli and there are over 1600 of them in this town. Characteristically, it is a must visit, as there is nothing like it.

7. Naples, one of my favorite top 9 places to visit in Italy

Beautiful Islands; Capri, Procida and Ischia surrounds Naples. Therefore, you can make Naples your base to explore them. A town famous for its ancient ruins, Pompeii is also located nearby Naples. Moreover, this city is popular for its mouthwatering pizza and pasta. So, do splurge in.

8. Murano and Burano

If you are in Venice for a few days, you can make a day trip to these colorful and vibrant island towns. Murano and Burano are like sister islands, easy to explore on the same day. Murano is closer to Venice and famous for its glass making. Whereas, Burano has expertise for lace-making and more instagrammable.

9. Rome

Well you can`t be in Italy and miss this spectacular city. Although it is crowded all year round, you may choose a relatively off season to explore it. If you want to be enchanted by its beauty, you got to see at the sunrise. It is pure magic. However, if you enjoy charming alleyways, cobbledstone streets and artsy neighborhood, walk to Trastevere and have lunch in one of its cute restaurants. Characteristically, you have to explore the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps to get the full touristy exposure. Rome, with all its charm, is filled with top places to visit in Italy.

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  1. Always a good read after a busy schedule. Not only good for a cup of tea to drink alongside but, also good for thinking outside the box. Maybe I should put in some work to launch another conference over there and visit the glorious place while exploring its long lost yet beautiful history.

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